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Skiing and snowboarding in Colorado is a great activity. Skiing is my passion. Unfortunately, skier and snowboarder collisions happen far too frequently. Getting clobbered by a careless or reckless skier or snowboarder often results in significant injuries.

Under the Colorado Ski Safety Act, skiers and snowboarders are all considered “skiers”. Most collision cases occur when an uphill skier crashes into a downhill skier. Colorado law creates a presumption that the uphill skier is at fault. Why? Skiers are responsible for maintaining a proper lookout and skiing in control. In addition, the passing skier has a duty to avoid those below him or her. When a skier fails to look where they are going or ski in control or pass safely and crashes into someone – they are responsible for any injuries that result.

Ski collision injuries can be extreme and life changing. Broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, knee injuries, and shoulder injuries are common. Many skier collision injuries require surgery and significant rehabilitation. Sadly, many victims of ski collisions are left with permanent impairments to their ability to live full and productive lives or enjoy their time on earth without pain and limitations. The economic harms and losses that result can be huge. The pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment of life can be even greater. Justice for the injury victim must include consideration for all the harms and losses.

Who will pay? Medical bills, wage losses, out of pocket expenses and harm for pain and suffering can easily reach six figures. In most circumstances involving skier collisions, the ski resort is not responsible. The skier or snowboarder may be held responsible. The at fault or responsible skier’s homeowner or renter’s insurance provides coverage for ski accidents.

I’m different from other personal injury firms.

While most firms take as many cases as they can, I limit my caseload to make sure that the client gets the total focus they deserve. Big firms often shuffle clients off to caseworkers, paralegals and ‘pre-lit’ departments and miss the details. It’s critical to get the important details right. Proper investigation can be key. A collision on the slopes isn’t the same as a rear-end car crash. Preparing every case from the beginning as if it will go to trial ensures the best possible settlements.


I only accept cases from those legitimately and seriously injured by the carelessness of others.

Your best chance for success is having an attorney that is an expert on and off the slopes. As an expert skier, I have an intimate understanding of the trails at most Colorado ski resorts. Careful preparation and understanding of the dynamics of ski injury cases can make all the difference. If you or loved one has significant injuries than I invite you for a free consultation. The easiest way to get your questions answered quickly is to pick up the phone and call. I answer questions like yours every single day and would love to chat with you. You can reach me at 303-300-5060.

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