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Have you suffered a skiing injury?

Ski resort collision victims need a lawyer that is an expert on and off the slopes.

DJ Banovitz colorado personal injury lawyer


DJ Banovitz colorado personal injury lawyer top 100
DJ Banovitz colorado ski accident lawyer


I am a passionate skier, and it is my belief that no one should experience the life-altering harms that can result from an on-slope collision. Seeking justice and compensation for people suffering from winter sports-related personal injuries caused by negligence of others is what I do.  I have been practicing personal injury law for over 20 years, and I have litigated hundreds of cases. Ski area collision victims need a lawyer that is an expert on and off the slopes.

Ski patrol with rescue sled helping inju

As an expert skier, I have an intimate understanding of the trails at most Colorado ski resorts. Careful preparation and understanding of the dynamics of ski injury cases can make all the difference. 

Sign showing warning of caution wet floo

Injured from a slip, trip or fall on someone else's property? I can help you from start to finish with a slip and fall accident claim according to Colorado premises liability law.

Bike Race

Were you seriously injured in a bike accident? Not all lawyers will understand what you're going through. D.J. Banovitz is a lifelong cyclist and will protect your rights to fair compensation.

Pelvic X-Ray

I have substantial experience in helping spinal cord injury victims. Our goals are to obtain the maximum financial recovery and assist the victim and family in getting the help they need.

car crash accident on street, damaged au

Motorcycle, pedestrian truck and car accidents can lead to serious injuries. Protect your rights by acquiring legal guidance.  




DJ Banovitz worked tirelessly on my case and I was thrilled with the outcome. He communicated with me on a regular basis. What could've been a very scary and difficult process ended up being one where my expectations were managed appropriately and I felt well informed. He would always tell me that my job was getting better. He was so right because there was nothing that I could  do or knew about the legal part. That was up to him. I put my faith and trust in him to take care of me and I was not disappointed! I am so grateful that he was on my side!


I was referred to DJ by another personal injury attorney and wow am I fortunate that he agreed to take my case. I was in an auto accident, car totaled and other driver clearly at fault. The at-fault driver's insurance company offered me a settlement amount which I did not feel that I could properly evaluate as to fairness. DJ understood my injury, did thorough research, engaged a local expert to both validate and add credibility to my claim, and worked directly with me on determining a fair claim amount. He then expertly delivered the claim, the message, and ultimately negotiated a settlement 61x the amount the insurance company initially offered me.  I could not have asked for better representation.


DJ was a blessing to find! He was contentious, compassionate, thoughtful, and always available to talk through issues. We communicated constantly as this type of process is always scary! He held out longer than I was able to, and in the end, that resulted in a greater payout. At the same time, he was honest and kept all expectations reasonable. I couldn't have asked for a better attorney or a better process. He guided me through everything and was always available for me!

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