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Filing a Colorado Skiing Collision Claim After a Fractured Vertebrae in Denver

One of the more serious types of injuries one can sustain in a skiing collision is a fractured spine. High-speed collisions on the slopes between snowboarders and or skiers can result in serious trauma that can cause a vertebra fracture. Whether from the initial impact between the parties on the slopes or the secondary impact with the ground, in addition to a fracture, victims may also experience other damage to the spinal column, like ruptured discs.

Fractures can range from minor to severe. A fracture will cause pain in the area injured but it can spread into other parts of the body, such as the arms and legs if it affects the nerves in the spinal cord. It may also lead to numbness or weakness.

Types of Fractured Vertebrae Sustained in a Skiing Collision Accident

One kind is a compression fracture, the front of the vertebra breaks and collapses, however the back part remains intact. They happen more often in the middle part of the spine (thoracic region).

Another kind of fracture is a flexion/distraction fracture. It is a complete pulling apart of the vertebrae. This might happen in a collision where the striking skier hits the victim at high speed entirely above or below the waist. 

Ways a Fractured Vertebra Can Impact a Skiing Collision Victim’s Life

Physically there can be a significant amount of pain and discomfort. Even after treatment begins, pain will likely require management with medication. There will be significant restrictions to physical activity, which likely means missed time from work.

Some nonsurgical treatment can be successful. This may consist of physical therapy and wearing a back brace or cast for several weeks. Unfortunately, it can take many months for recovery. As a result, medical costs and wage losses can grow very high. The greatest harm is that done to the victim. The pain and loss of enjoyment of life can be extreme. 

Unfortunately, there is also the risk that the injury is so severe the person is permanently disabled. It could even cause paralysis. The impact of this is significant, considering the future medical costs that will arise and the likelihood of the individual not being able to return to employment.

How a Fractured Spine Relates to a Ski Accident Claim

If the collision was caused by someone else’s careless or reckless actions, victims may file a claim with the at-fault skier’s homeowners or renter’s insurance company.

Regardless of the severity of the fracture, it’s best to seek legal counsel. That’s because not only is it important to seek compensation for the initial medical costs associated with the injury but future ones as well. Settling the claim too quickly could prevent recovery of damages for long-term medical care.

There is also the issue of lost wages. During recovery the individual might have been without income. But if the person is disabled, it might be possible to recover compensation for earnings he or she would have received had it not been for the injury. Then there are other damages to consider such as mental anguish, reduced quality of life, expenses for staying in a ski resort shortly after the collision and more.

I help skiing collision and snowboarding collision victims throughout Colorado work through their insurance claims and recover compensation to which they’re entitled. Give me a call to discuss your case. The consultation is always free. Call (303) 300-5060 or email me to set up a consultation about your case.

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