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Ski patrol with rescue sled helping inju


As an avid skier I do my best to get as many days on the slopes as work and family life allow. Over the course of a lifetime, I’ve skied nearly every major resort in Colorado and some of them regularly.

I’ve had an EPIC pass for years and do my best to take full advantages of the benefits. In the past I’ve had Winter Park/Mary Jane passes and actually lived there for a while. There are certain circumstances where it is important for a lawyer to view the location of a collision. This can increase understanding the circumstances surrounding a wreck, establishing liability and identifying potential claim defenses. For example, some defenses may rely on whether the victim was truly the downhill skier or if he was stopped in an area that would obscure him from view from above. Sometimes a collision will occur where trails merge or when a skier or snowboarder is traversing across a slope. In the case of someone traversing – the issue will become who is the downhill rider. That is why seeing the location and taking plentiful photographs becomes necessary. Compiling the reports, witnesses and photographs aren’t enough. This evidence, along with the nature of the injuries and a personal understanding of the location can help to destroy defenses to the claim.

An expert ski lawyer that is familiar with the location of the collision will be better prepared than the insurance adjuster or insurance defense lawyer. The better prepared lawyer has greater odds of success in resolving an injury claim. 

I will travel anywhere in Colorado. All of the major ski resorts are represented on this list. I’ve personally had extensive experience skiing the bolded areas. 

•    Arapahoe Basin
•    Aspen
•    Beaver Creek
•    Breckenridge

•    Buttermilk
•    Copper Mountain
•    Crested Butte
•    Durango Mountain Resort
•    Eldora
•    Keystone

•    Loveland
•    Monarch
•    Powderhorn
•    Snowmass
•    Steamboat

•    Sunlight
•    Telluride
•    Vail
•    Winter Park
•    Mary Jane

•    Wolf Creek

It’s important to contact a ski accident lawyer as soon as possible. Gathering evidence should begin right away. Meeting with injury victims that are visiting from out of state can be accomplished at the hotel or hospital as needed. If you’ve been involved in a skiing or snowboarding collision and have questions, I’m happy to give honest answers – it’s what I do every day. Call me at 303-300-5060 or email me at The consultation is always free.

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