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Injured in Denver? A Colorado Premises Liability Lawyer Can Help You from Start to Finish with a Slip and Fall Accident Claim According to Colorado’s Premises Liability Law.

A Look at Premises Liability Law in Colorado

An expert premises liability lawyer is best suited to apply the Colorado premises liability law to your slip and fall or trip and fall accident. In Denver, for example, when a person is injured while on the property of another – whether it is a private residence such as your neighbor’s backyard deck or the aisles of a grocery store – the property owner can be held liable for those injuries. Basically, liability or responsibility for the damages requires a demonstration that the injury victim show evidence that the injuries were caused by the negligence of the property owner in maintaining a reasonable level of safety on their real property. The language of the statute is convoluted and intended to protect property owners from claims. 
When is a Denver property owner responsible for injuries under Colorado law?

The Denver law for premises liability claims is known as the Colorado Revised Statute 13-21-115. It defines a landowner or property owner as “an authorized agent or person in possession of real property and the person legally responsible for the condition of the real property and the activities conducted or circumstances existing on the real property.”
Under this Colorado law, a Denver property owner is liable for injuries a person sustains on their property if the injuries were a result of neglect or an unreasonable failure to protect from dangers that the owner actually knew or should have known. This law further breaks down the duties owed to a person depending on what their status (reason for being on the property) is. A property owner owes a higher duty to people on the premises for business than a social guest. These are complicated claims and an inexperienced injury lawyer or one who focuses mostly on auto collisions can make critical mistakes.  
If this sounds confusing, a Denver, Colorado expert premises liability lawyer can help you apply this law to your premises liability injury case.
What should I do if I have been injured on someone’s property?
•    Take photos and preserve all evidence of the accident scene.
•    File an accident report if you are able to before leaving.
•    Get contact information for any witnesses to your accident.
•    Seek immediate medical attention.
•    Consult with a knowledgeable Denver, Colorado premises liability lawyer.

Help from a Denver, Colorado Premises Liability Lawyer
At The Law Office of D.J. Banovitz I am committed to helping people who have been injured due to a premises liability accident such as a slip or trip & fall. I have litigated many of these cases including going to trial and getting a seven figure verdict. If you or your loved one has been injured as a result of a property owner’s carelessness, I can help you file a claim following Colorado premises liability law.
Call me at 303-300-5060, email me or contact me online for a free, no pressure, no obligation consultation and get honest answers to your questions. I look forward to helping you. 

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